New Minioke Baby.. And it's Organic, Baby!

New Organic Cotton Basics by Minioke Baby. They are soft, the colours are dreamy and have you guys seen my favourite pieces yet? The Frill Bodysuits with scallop trim detailing! Sweet, delicate and did I say sweet?! Just what every little girl's need.

The fabrication was crafted from 95% certified organic cotton blended with 5% elastane for elasticity. Added elastane into the blends is for its capability of stretching up and back to its shape without spoiling the fabric. It really is a win-win for us, mums, when we tend to repeatedly wash + wear our baby clothes.

Minioke Baby Organic Cotton Basics are available from 0-3m up to 2yr.

Why choose organic cotton you may ask?

Like organic foods 20­ years ago, the idea of organic cotton is confusing to many of us. It’s taken a little longer to catch on because the correlation isn’t as direct­. We don’t eat cotton fiber (at least we hope you don’t!). However, more people are becoming knowledgeable as to how the organic cotton movement is just as powerful and important as that of organic foods.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Low impact on the environments means low impact on our skin, more importantly on our little ones'

It is also known that various skin allergies relate directly to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton farming. Many people with skin problems report a dramatic improvement in their skin condition once they switched to organic. (source:

So there you have it. Organic cotton is not only better than conventional cotton, it is the future if we are serious about making big or even small changes in the health of our families, our communities, and our planet. Organic cotton? Yes, please!

Don't forget to check out our new range before you leave :)

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