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Basik Organics - Mama's Blend Aromatherapy Oil 10ml

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Basik Organics

A beautiful roll-on essential oil blend that helps support the needs of a new mother. 

Bergamot soothes nerves and reduces nervous tension, stress and depression. Lavender is useful in easing nervous tension, relieving pain, and inducing sleep. Sweet orange is a natural sedative, helping to alleviate stress, anger, anxiety and depression. It also provides effective relief from inflammation. Geranium balances hormones and helps calm and de-stress.

The perfect addition to your handbag or nappy bag!

How to use:

Roll onto pulse points (wrists, neck, temples or under nose) as needed.


jojoba oil*, bergamot essential oil*, lavender essential oil*, geranium essential oil*, sweet orange essential oil*

(*certified organic) 

^ Vegan


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